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Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer at Port “A”

Before we left on the trip, my DIL gave me a sign that she found at a local shop.  It is completely correct, and I may end up taking it to work….. if I go back!!!


On Sunday afternoon, we drove down the beach here at Port Aransas.  Here are some pictures beginning with some vintage trailers that were set up right on the beach and they brought their own artificial palm trees…….

IMG_6861 IMG_6889

In some places along the beach, cars were parked three deep, and there were flags…. lots of flags…..


Of course, the kids had to get back into the water…. all three of them!

IMG_6916 IMG_6963

On Monday morning, Matthew and I got up early and went to the local donut shop.  There is only one on the island, and it won’t have any stock for very long this morning!  The kids enjoyed apple fritters and chocolate covered donut twists….


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