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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Traveling Home

We left Tucson late on Friday morning, and drove to El Paso, TX.   We stopped at the Flying J where I got the new RV card, and then we took showers and I dumped the tanks for a $5 fee.  I then filled the fuel tanks, getting the 3 cents per gallon discount, and headed across the street to park in the Texas Welcome station for the night. 

In the early ‘70’s, I worked one summer at ALCOA and met a young Engineer from El Paso, Ed Flores, who was also doing a summer intern job.  After graduating the next summer, we both accepted jobs with ALCOA at the Point Comfort plant.  Ed and his wife, Pat, decided that they really wanted to work and raise their family in El Paso, so after a couple of years, he resigned and moved west.

Since we had time, and were traveling alone on this trip through EL Paso, I attempted to contact him.  On Friday, while traveling, I used my WIFI to locate him on a people search, but when I called the number, all I got was an answering machine….. so I left a message, and took my chances.  On Saturday morning, while I was hooking up the car, he called.   I was surprised…..I knew that I was talking to an old man of 63, but it still sounded like the 24year old from the 70’s!!!!   I gave him this blog address, so I know he will read this!!

We left El Paso about 11:00am CST, and drove East on I-10…….. actually, I let Patsy drive, while I worked on the computer. 

The following are pictures of the Texas Canyon area of I-10 (either in Arizona or New Mexico)….. a lot of big rocks……




If you look back several posts, you will see that the Didelots and us stopped in Fort Stockton, TX to look at some sculptors.  We were told about a big on on the west side of town, but we could not see it.  Today, as

she was driving, Patsy spotted it.   Here it is…

Fort Stockton Sculptor 001

Fort Stockton Sculptor 002

We expect to get to San Antonio today, and spend the night, and then get home early tomorrow.  We will need to hurry and clean up the Bus and put it into storage because a wet cold front is expected next week.

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