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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quartzsite TRVN Rally -- Meals & Fun!!

Eventually, a combination of Tiffin brand and Some Other Brands (SOB’s) totaling 45 RV’s made up the 2011 TRVN rally.  We had three planned meals, a “Meet & Greet” on Friday night, a Potluck dinner on Saturday night, and a “’Boil it in a Bag” Omelet  breakfast on Sunday morning.   Here are some pictures of the meals……

2011  TRVN Q Rally 027 2011  TRVN Q Rally 028 2011  TRVN Q Rally 029 2011  TRVN Q Rally 030 2011  TRVN Q Rally 033 2011  TRVN Q Rally 035

DSCN4906 DSCN4907 DSCN4909 DSCN4910 DSCN4911 DSCN4912

DSCN4913 DSCN4915 DSCN4916 DSCN4917 DSCN4924

Following the “Meet & Greet”, an ‘event’ was held with all of the “Newbie” (First time at a Quartzsite Rally) women.  While around the campfire, they had to wrap a biscuit around the large end of a roasting fork handle and bake it in the fire.  However, at first, it looked a little more sinister than that!!  Two of the people that I focused on were ‘Sis’ Rose (white long sleeve shirt, black vest and red bandana in her hair) from New Jersey, and Joan Stanger (long sleeve blue sweater wearing sun glasses) from our Texas based Lone Star Allegro Club. Look for yourself……

2011  TRVN Q Rally 036 2011  TRVN Q Rally 037 2011  TRVN Q Rally 038 2011  TRVN Q Rally 042 2011  TRVN Q Rally 043 2011  TRVN Q Rally 046  The intention was to form a hollow biscuit with a bottom, that was filled with vanilla or chocolate pudding

along with some cherry filling.  They then tried to get their husbands to eat it.  Paul Rose would have nothing to do with it, but Charlie Stanger gave it a try!!!

 2011  TRVN Q Rally 049 2011  TRVN Q Rally 051 2011  TRVN Q Rally 0482011  TRVN Q Rally 052 2011  TRVN Q Rally 054

More to be posted in subsequent posts.

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Gary & Linda VDS said...

Awesome memories! Thanks R & P