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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gila Bend, AZ

On Saturday, we drove from El Paso, TX to Gila Bend, AZ.  It was a sunny day with blue skies, in fact, that is the way it has been since we left Fort Stockton, TX.

Here are some photos of the back of Mark and Sue’s motorhome as we traveled the interstate. 

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You can see that in this wide-open country, the state of Texas allows you to open your vehicle up an go!!  However, Mark was wearing his sunglasses, and I think mis-interpreted the black sign (sun glass wearers) as applying to him, so we did 65mph!  He said it was to optimize fuel mileage.

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After we got into New Mexico, we saw a couple of hot air balloons in the sky.  Patsy managed to capture a picture of one…..

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The scenery in Arizona was similar but different than Texas.  We began to see the big Saguaro cactus!  

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We ended the day at Gila Bend, AZ at a small campground behind a Shell Truck Stop.  We had found this campground on a previous trip, and this is the third time that we have stayed here with Mark and Sue.  It is a full hookup campground, and is about 140 miles from our final destination at Quartzsite.  We will wash clothes, dump our waste tanks, and fill up with water before dry camping in the desert.  Here are some pictures of the campground and gas station……

Holt Shell Campground 003 Holt Shell Campground 004

Holt Shell Campground 001

Our sites that were next to each other…..

Holt Shell Campground 009 Holt Shell Campground 002

The shell station itself is a typical oasis/tourist trap in the desert, but colorful……

Holt Shell Campground 005

Holt Shell Campground 006 Holt Shell Campground 007

Later today, we plan to cook some fajitas on the grill.

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Connie Esparza said...

Your email today said you were in Q! Come on...update so we can see what is going on there!! Enjoy your time in Q!!