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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leaving Quartzsite

We made our last trip to the RVAmerica camp last night to visit a lot of our RV’ing friends for the last time.  We returned to our Bus at the TRVN campsite, and I stayed up late updating this blog….. most of the previous posts!!

Our last task before heading out this morning was to pick up some “Bus flags” that I had Hilda, the lady who digitized some photos of our Bus on our visit two years ago, and made some ball caps for me.  Two years ago, she did not have the garden style flags that I wanted, so I ordered a couple off the internet before coming out here.  They turned out nice……

MH Flags 004

I am planning to get a double flag holder and hang one of these with the Houston Lone Star Allegro flag at rallies.

Today, we only drove 150 miles and returned to the same Shell station campground in Gila Bend, AZ that we stopped at on the way in.   We have a lot of clothes to wash after 8 days dry camping in the desert, plus we wanted unlimited use of water and electricity for one night before hitting the road for some serious driving.

Here are some pictures of Quartzsite as we left.  There are still a lot of people and RV’s there….

Travel to Gila Bend 002 Travel to Gila Bend 003 Travel to Gila Bend 005 Travel to Gila Bend 006 Travel to Gila Bend 008 Travel to Gila Bend 009 Travel to Gila Bend 010 Travel to Gila Bend 011


I spent the afternoon “backing up” my laptop computer to a hard disk drive that I keep for that purpose.  I had not backed up since 09May2010….. and my laptop is 6 years old. 

Tomorrow, our plan is to visit Saguaro National Park in Tucson, AZ for a couple of hours, and then drive a couple of hundred miles toward Texas.   We have seen signs for the park every year that we have traveled back and forth to Tucson, but always ran out of time or desire to visit it.   We plan to fix that tomorrow.

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