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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RVAmerica Visits and AZ Sunsets

In past annual winter trips to Quartzsite, Patsy and I camped in the desert on BLM land with the RVAmerica group.  This year, the Tiffin RV Owners Network (TRVN) had a rally in Quartzsite, so we made the decision to meet with them.  However, we wanted to spend some time with our friends in the RVA group.  The RVA group is from a forum on the internet, and each year, it is well organized by our friends, Mike Desch and Linda Oddo.

On Monday night and Tuesday night of this week, we went to their campsite for the nightly “happy hour”.  On Tuesday night, they also made the presentation of the “Quartzsite Trailer Trash” hats to the new visitors for this year.

Here are some pictures…….

2011  TRVN Q Rally 074 2011  TRVN Q Rally 075 2011  TRVN Q Rally 077 2011  TRVN Q Rally 078 2011  TRVN Q Rally 086 2011  TRVN Q Rally 089

On Tuesday evening, Patsy and I made note of an occurrence at Quartzsite on the BLM land.  With self-contained vehicles, it is necessary to dump our dirty water tanks, and fill our clean water tank.  On the BLM land, there is one place, with two dump stations for doing the former, and the following shows 27 RV’s in line for the chance to dump their tanks.  It takes about 10 minutes each RV to dump their tanks, so with two stations, the last RV will wait about 2 hours at this time to dump.  We did not have to wait in that long of a line!

2011  TRVN Q Rally 092

While at the RVA campsite, we got a couple of sunset photos….

2011  TRVN Q Rally 076 2011  TRVN Q Rally 080 2011  TRVN Q Rally 081 2011  TRVN Q Rally 082 2011  TRVN Q Rally 084 2011  TRVN Q Rally 085

And, here are a couple I “stole” from Loraine North…..

DSCN4939 DSCN4938

This will wrap up our 2011 visit to Quartzsite.  In the near future, I will have an announcement about the status of my retirement and our future travels……

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Connie Esparza said...

Enjoyed your blog....had not had a chance to check it with our busy schedule. Awesome pics!