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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Heading to Quartrzsite

We had been planning to go to Quartzsite, AZ this January with Mark and Sue for the past couple of months.  We planned our departure for Thursday, January 13 and expect to arrive early next week.  First I wanted to make a couple of minor modifications to the Bus.  I built a wooden holder for my Verizon wireless router….. since velcro did not seem to hold it in place on the cabinet wall.  Here’s a photo of the finished product:

Original with Velcro…….

3G Router 001

Now in wood holder……

Router Holder 002


I also wanted to design and install a latch on the sliding wire basket that Patsy has under the kitchen sink.  Here’s that finished installation:

Kitchen Sliding Basket Latch

One other thing to report was my idea to get Patsy to not miss the grandkids as much while we are traveling.  The kids had the following picture taken…..

Rick and Family on Bench

I liked the photo, and since they were on a bench, it gave me an idea.  I went on-line and ordered a blanket with the picture on it to throw on one of the couches in the Bus.   It looks like thy are traveling with us…….. if only for a glance.  Patsy liked the blanket, but I don’t know if it will fool her!!!!

Picture Blanket Throw 003 Picture Blanket Throw 005

Also, before we left, we needed to get some doctors’ appointments out of the way.   I had to go to the dentist for a six-month cleaning.  I used to get ‘gas’ for the cleaning (and all other work) because I am afraid of the dental office, but with retirement I decided I could use that money for something else!.  Dr. John Swannack, AKA “Pain-Miester”. is my dentist.  He is a really nice guy, but he his is a dentist!!

The dental assistant that ‘chisels’ the plaque off of my teeth is Debbie, HKA (Hereafter Known As) “Pain-Mistress”!  She used to be a really nice person and gentle or so I thought under the influence of the gas, but she has been around the pain–miester too long!  I warned her that if she kept sticking my gums, I would write about her in my blog.  Revenge is sweet, Debbie!!!

Here is my depiction of how it went……

Anyway, we got packed and left home at 5:30PM and met up with Mark and Sue at the Wal-Mart in Boerne, TX.  We both filled up with diesel at the Murphy station, and then we parked in the parking lot for the night.

So far, a good start!!

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Barbara said...

Love the blanket! It looks great on the sofa, almost life-like. Did it fool Patsy? ;-))