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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quartzsite TRVN Rally – Post #2

Thursday was our third full day in Quartzsite, and until today, the weather was just short of perfect.  Today, it was very windy, and with the temperature being a few degrees cooler, it felt much colder.  However, it was still a nice day.  When the day started, we had 14 rigs in the main circle, and another one in the back.   2011  TRVN Q Rally 0012011  TRVN Q Rally 004 2011  TRVN Q Rally 005

Today, ten more rigs showed up, giving us a total of 20 in the main circle, and another five parked out back (by choice). 

We also have Sue Didelot at the rally.  Sue makes personalized windshield signs (click on her name for a website with examples of her signs) for RV’ers, and she had been busy with this group.  Here are two new signs that she painted yesterday….

2011  TRVN Q Rally 006

Here is a picture of Robert and Tiz Ruff (happy customers) with their new sign ( if you look closely, you will see their two dogs in the windshield)…..

2011  TRVN Q Rally 008

And a picture of Mark and Sue taking a picture of the sign for her catalog…….

2011  TRVN Q Rally 009

Our friends Chuck and Lorraine North arrived today.  We first met them in Quartzsite three years ago, and they stopped by our house this past spring.  Here is a picture of Patsy and Lorraine with Chuck in the background…

2011  TRVN Q Rally 014

Here’s a shot of Chuck with Mark Didelot, Robert Ruff, and Myself on the end…..

2011  TRVN Q Rally 013

Here’s a picture of the twenty rigs beginning to form the circle.  I am having to walk a ways to get them all in the photo…..

2011  TRVN Q Rally 016

We also have a couple of what are called SOB’s (Some Other Brand).  One of the rigs is a Fleetwood American Tradition, which I am told is a $700K range rig, and it is parked next to our Bus.  It comes complete with purple lights underneath that gives us a strange glow of color through our windows at night.

2011  TRVN Q Rally 022

We also had another campfire in the center fo the circle tonight.  Here is my best attempts to capture it as a photo……

2011  TRVN Q Rally 021 2011  TRVN Q Rally 020

That’s it for today.  There will probably be about 15 more rigs showing up tomorrow. 

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