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Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Got Home!!

From El Paso, we took a day and a half to finish the trip home.  We drove from El Paso to Fredericksburg, TX and spent the night in the Wal-Mart parking lot. 

Here are some of the scenes that we saw on I-10 in West Texas.  It is barren, but beautiful……

I-10 in West Texas 003 I-10 in West Texas 009 I-10 in West Texas 011 I-10 in West Texas 018 I-10 in West Texas 019 I-10 in West Texas 025 I-10 in West Texas 033 I-10 in West Texas 037 I-10 in West Texas 039 I-10 in West Texas 045

Sunday morning, we decided to go home via the large outlet mall in San Marcos, TX.   I needed some work jeans and Patsy wanted to do some shopping.  We did, however, want to get home with time to clean up the Bus and get it put into storage before the ‘big freeze’ hit.  

We made in home Sunday afternoon, and washed the Bus, and then on Monday, we spent the day un-packing, and cleaning the inside,   On Monday evening, we sadly took the Bus out to the storage garage, and parked it.

The grandkids spent some time with us.  In fact, because of the freezing and wet weather, school was let out at noon on Thursday and all day Friday.  Here are a few pictures…….

Kid's at End of Trip 005 Kid's at End of Trip 015 Kid's at End of Trip 017 Kid's at End of Trip 020 Kid's at End of Trip 021

It was good to be home.  However, we have just finished our last long trip for a while, because I am going back to work!!!!!   More in next post!

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