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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pine Island and Boca Grande

On Tuesday, we had an invitation to spend the afternoon and then have grilled burgers with Wayne and Nancy Milne, who have a home in Port Charlotte,FL, near Ft Myers.  They offered to show us Boca Grande, another island community near where they live.

Before going to the Milne’s, we spent the morning touring Pine Island, where our KOA campground was located.  On the road to Pine Island, there is a small artist community named Matlacha, which has many brightly colored little shops.  Here are some pictures…..

Pine Island 004

Pine Island 008

Pine Island 012

Pine Island 014

Pine Island 016

Pine Island 034

While walking down the street, Patsy spotted an Osprey on top of a telephone pole with a fresh fish.  Here’s a couple of pictures…….

Pine Island 017

Pine Island 029 

Here are a few pictures to give a flavor of Pine Island…….

Pine Island 001

Pine Island 005

Pine Island 006

Pine Island 007

Pine Island 011

We arrived at Nancy and Wayne’s house at about 1:30PM, and got a tour of the house that Wayne has been updating to be their “Florida Home”.  They already have one in Palm Springs, CA and New York State.

We then left to go to Boca Grande, FL.  We spent some time walking around the town, and I took a few pictures:

A garden area…..

Boca Grande 002

A mural that had just been finished……

Boca Grande 004 

The group in a bakery…….

Boca Grande 005

Somebody had Obama’s ‘HOPE’ picture on this cart……

Boca Grande 006 

An old hotel on the island…….

Boca Grande 007

The group walking down the street…….

 Boca Grande 008

Nancy and Patsy admiring a pink gas pump!1…….

Boca Grande 009 

Another mural that blends with real vegetation…..

Boca Grande 010

The lighthouse on the island………

Boca Grande 012

Osprey’s hanging out…….

Boca Grande 014

A marina sign with a spelling problem….

Boca Grande 016

After the island tour, we headed back to the Milne’s and had some very good burgers preceded by a great cheese dip dish….. and Patsy got the recipe.

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