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Friday, January 29, 2010

Key West – Day 2

We have our sites here at the Sugarloaf Key KOA for three days…….. Wednesday through Friday nights.  Here are some pictures of our sites and the pool area……

KOA Campground 001

KOA Campground 002KOA Campground 005

As I have stated before, we are here because of some coupons that we “won” on a slot machine at a KOA booth at the TAMPA RV Show recently.  The coupons allowed us to pay for one night ($115) and get two more for free!  Along with that, we got a coupon for a free 1/2 day rental of a boat.  I thought that it would be a plastic paddle boat, but it turned out to be our choice of any boat in their marina!!    

We decided to use the boat coupon today.  Here is a picture of Sue and Patsy watching the guy clean the dew off the seats of ‘our’ boat……

KOA Boat Ride 001

Near the marina, there was a small island with a lot of pelicans in the bushes.  Here are some shots that Patsy got……….

KOA Campground 003

KOA Boat Ride 003

KOA Boat Ride 004

KOA Boat Ride 005

We left out on our “4-hour” boat ride, and the following are some of the pictures that I took:

Leaving the campground dock……

KOA Boat Ride 008

Traveling down a cove and a close-up of the mangrove bushes……

KOA Boat Ride 010

KOA Boat Ride 011 

Some of the views that we saw……….

KOA Boat Ride 016

A trap marking buoy and the trap under the clear water…….

KOA Boat Ride 018

KOA Boat Ride 019 

A passing sailboat with dingy in tow…..

KOA Boat Ride 034 

The captain and his crew…….

KOA Boat Ride 038

KOA Boat Ride 036

KOA Boat Ride 040

KOA Boat Ride 047

KOA Boat Ride 029

Another shore view…….

KOA Boat Ride 050

Returning to the campground marina………

KOA Boat Ride 051 KOA Boat Ride 053

After resting from the boat ride, we went into Key West for dinner, and to see the night-time activity.  That will be another post.

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