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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Florida RV Super Show – Days 3 & 4

I didn’t mention before, but we had made reservations to stay on the grounds of the RV show.  It was a package deal and for $159, we got 5 days and 4 nights camping (30amp electricity only, no water or sewer), coffee and donuts each morning, three nights of entertainment and free admission to the RV show each day.

During the final two days of the show, we spent the days touring the rigs and looking at the vendor’s products.  My biggest purchase was a set of buffing wheels to polish the aluminum wheels on the Bus.  Here are some pictures of the Show area:

The Spartan chassis display where I got some questions about my Bus answered, and picked up a contact (Tiffin’s account manager) business card:

RV Show 008 

A “Green” RV:

RV Show 001

The previous night, we had some rain, and winds right before the show.  The canopy over this food service area had blown off into the pond behind it:

RV Show 005

RV Show 004

Lazy Days area with Tiffin coaches.  This one is a Zephyr:

RV Show 007

Patsy and I at the pond:

RV Show 012

A talking parrot to entertain folks:

RV Show 009

RV Show 010

On Friday night, we were entertained by the “Porch Dogs”, who did more classic and Cajun songs.  They had two ladies on fiddles that were really good!

The Porch Dogs 003  The Porch Dogs 006

The Porch Dogs 007

They also let a lady who was celebrating her 62nd birthday accompany them on a song:

The Porch Dogs 005


On Saturday night, we were entertained by the

“Rivoli Revue”, a couple who has entertained at many Good Sam and FMCA rallies.  They have been here the last 10 years.  The recently were on the ‘Tea Party Tour” and got a spot on the “Mike Huckaby Show”.  They are famous for a You-Tube spot called “Press one for English”

Here are some Photos: 

Rivoli Revue 002 Rivoli Revue 008

Rivoli Revue 006

Notice that his Guitar is shaped like an RV!!

Rivoli Revue 005


Next, we will be at Fort Myers.

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Connie Esparza said...

Sure like the guitar....it's different. Looks like this is a really nice rally. Wish we had been there but would have had to leave early... Take care and be safe.