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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Traveling Florida to the Tiffin Rally

As planed, we met the Woods on the Walmart parking lot in Marianne, FL on Wednesday night.  We visited a little bit, but all were tired from a long day’s drive.

We left about 9:00am the next morning (10:00am local time), and as we had agreed to the previous night, we drove toward Tallahassee to visit The Tallahassee Automobile Museum close to I-10.

Ronnie has owned some older cars and has a real interest in them.  I don’t mind going along to look, or I can pass.  However, this was one of the nicest I have ever seen!  It had lots of cars & other vehicles, as well as toy cars, and adding machines.  Here are some pictures that will mostly speak for themselves. This “5th wheel unit was parked at the entrance…...


It appears to have belonged to a DJ with an Elvis thing!!  We went on into the museum (only $15/person), and it was impressive.


The same Kimber .45 pistol that I carry…….


Abe Lincoln’s hearse……….


The next one is pretty original shape……


The next two were noted to be “Delivery Vans”………


and a ‘Woody’ station wagon and a school bus……..


The next two show a ‘55 chevy like my nephew has, and a ‘57 convertible like by brother has, except that his is black…….


They also had a ‘57 station wagon!!


The also had an original collection of BATMOBILES…..


The best that I saw was a 1964 Chevy Impala hardtop like I bought in early 1965 (used) that was my car from my Junior year in high school, 4 years at Victoria College and The University of Texas in Austin, as well as my first six years at ALCOA!  However, my was turquoise in color, and had the wire spinner wheel covers.  It was a great car….


On the way out, Patsy posed for a phone call in a phone booth……… a relic of the past!!


After we left the museum, we traveled to Lake City and checked into an RV Park for the night.  The next post will pick up with our travels to South Bay, FL where we spent two nights in county park.


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