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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Post Rally–Day 2–Naples Area

Kathy Woods became the trip planner for the post rally trips, and the plan for day 2 was Naples and the Fort Myers Beach area.  It turned out to be a tourist day….. we drove around and took in the sites, and had an enjoyable day.  Here is some of what we saw at Fort Myers Beach  A center point was the pier…….

IMG_2165 - Copy_thumb[1]

And the following were taken from either side of the pier….

IMG_2141 - Copy_thumb[1]IMG_2143 - Copy_thumb[1]

We then walked around the town area………….

IMG_2178 - Copy_thumb[1]IMG_5136 - Copy_thumb[1]IMG_5138 - Copy_thumb[1]IMG_5159_thumb[1]IMG_5163_thumb[1]IMG_5174_thumb[1]IMG_5177

When we tired of that, we drove into Naples and the “5th Avenue area.  It was a trap……… Kathy only wanted to go shopping!!!  This was clearly the ‘ritzy’ part of South Florida.   High priced cars and fancy buildings was the theme!  Here some pictures…………….


And all of a sudden, there it was……….. a Chico’s!!!


And Kathy shopped!


We spotted a Rolls Royce convertible parked along the road…… family shopping vehicle!!


To finish out the day, we drove to another party area called Tin City.  It was a place for tourist, and locals looking for a fun spot.


All in all, this was a good day! 

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