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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tallahassee to South Bay FL

When we traveled to Florida and the Keys in January of this year, we spent the night at a nice County RV Park in South Bay.

Since it was a known park to us, it was a safe bet to make a reservation for the two days that we had to wait until our reservations at the Okeechobee KOA campground in Okeechobee FL where the Tiffin Rally was being held and that we were registered to attend. 

As soon as we settled in, we gave the Bus its first wash job since we left Victoria about 3 weeks ago.  Here are some pictures as the sun was sitting……



and this is what it looked like the next morning….


At the rear of the Bus, we had this……….


The town of Okeechobee was about 58 miles away, so the next day, Friday, we drove up to check out the city and the rally campground.  We found out several bits of information:

1.  Town is about 40% closed down with empty stores

2.  Houses are mostly small fixed up homes and many trailers and shacks.

3.  Very few stores for the wives to shop!  Good for Ronnie and I, but it did not make happy for the wives.  There was one Walmart and a lot of Dollar stores!

We stopped at the KOA to check out our assigned sites, and found that we did not have a reservation to come in a day early……..Sunday!!  It took some arguing and negotiating, but we did get to come in a day early on our assigned site………… so we did travel back on Sunday with our rigs!

We headed back to South Bay, and Patsy and Kathy made some BBQ ribs and brisket for an early dinner.  After that, we got the rigs ready to roll the next morning, and watched some TV.

More on arriving at the Tiffin Rally in the next post!

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