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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Lake Okeechobee KOA Tiffin Rally

Note:  This post got delayed a bit because I “lost” a folder of pictures on my laptop that I took at the rally and afterwards on this trip.  I could not get the help to find them until this past Sunday at a Wedding Anniversary Party in Memphis by a lady that I had just met!  The rest of the posts for this trip were affected also!


First a bit of information on the previous post.  As stated, we washed the whole rig right after we set up.  During that time, I heard a thumping noise coming out of the TS/electric compartment near the rear of the DS of the Bus. 

When we finished the wash job, and went inside, we had no A/C or other power!!  Checking closer, I found no power coming from the pedestal!  I was tired, and decided to start the generator and go to bed.

The next morning, I took my power meter to track the power, and it was good from the pedestal through the Progressive Industries EMS and past the TS!  Everything worked fine the next 24 hours at the South Bay stay, and through the rally stay at the KOA!!  So, I guess it was a problem with the connection at the pedestal.  No worries!!

We arrived at the KOA for our one day early arrival date, and got parked and hooked up pretty easily.  We found a couple of lower level restaurants and settled on Applebee’s for lunch. 

We spent the rest of Sunday checking out the local stores, settling on Walmart to stock up on groceries.  The wives had to settle on CVS Pharmacy as their chose Walmart as the prime shopping source!!

The rally officially opened on Monday, and we went up to register and pick up our ‘goody bags!  As the day went on,the spectator sport of watching the crowds of arriving rigs became the main activities.  About 150 – 200 rigs arrived on Monday.  We were glad that we were already parked!


By the end of the day, they finally got everybody “home”.  An easy day for us.  Monday night, we went to the ‘opening’ dinner, and met up with some old friends, Rod and Lisa Patton,Full-timers, who we met at the Texas RV Rally that we helped to put on in Canton, TX, and Bill and Nancy Morrison from the northeast that we had met at a previous TRVN rally.

On Monday night, we were treated to dinner, and a Welcome to Okeechobee event.  The theme was a Salute to Veterans!

On Tuesday, we were treated to a breakfast and dinner.  Also, the Vendors were open and the seminars began.  I did learn a few things about my new inverter, and got to meet several people. 

On Tuesday night, after a small meeting for information, the first entertainment was presented.  Tonight, it was David Church Terri Lisa.  They did Nashville themed music, mainly C&W, and did a good job.  Here are a few pictures………


Bill & Nancy……….IMG_2083

Kathy & Ronnie, the folks we traveled with………


Our table, including Lisa & Rod…….


Even Bob Tiffin, the owner of Tiffin Motor Homes was there….


Wednesday continued with seminars and viewing the RV’s brought to the rally by a local dealer.  They had about 8 of them there.  We were also treated to a “Hot Dog and Hamburger” lunch as well as another full Dinner.  The entertainment was provided by Sarah Getto, a very good singer and musician who has been blind since birth.  She was really good!  We had previously seen her perform at a couple of FMCA rallies.  You can read about her here.!


Sarah’s Dad assisted her on stage………..IMG_4813

There was a screen on the wall focusing on Sarah’s hands……..


In addition to the keyboard, she also played a fiddle……


To demonstrate the high class of this blog, as well as the facility were the rally was held, I took a break and found this in the Men’s restroom………..


On Thursday, the last day of the rally, we toured a few more new coaches, had a complete breakfast, and another fine dinner……… this time steak!!  We also had the best entertainment of the event…….. Dwight Icenhower, a 4-time World Champion “Elvis Tribute Artist” and the Blue Shoe Review Band!!  The were really great, and one band member did a Buddy Holly act.  Here are several pictures of the act……


“Elvis and Buddy Holly”…….


After a 15 minute intermission, Dywight came back as the older Elvis…………..


The organization and delivery of this rally was close to excellent!

Here’s a collection of pictures around the resort……..


The above is a shot of his coach and towed car, and the bottom indicates his lack of class for a New Englander, by putting a “Patriots” sign in front of the coach!!!!!!IMG_4953IMG_4955IMG_4958

………… And ending with Patsy and I on the last night at the rally!



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