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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Post Rally–Day 3–Everglades Nat’l Park

On Sunday, we decided to go to the Entrance of the Everglades National Park, and maybe see some alligators!It was a 90 minute drive from the RV resort, and we got there about 10:00am.

IMG_5372 (2)

We had talked about taking an air boat ride for the fun of it, but when we got into the office, they had a state park boat going out in about 10 minutes and told us we would see wildlife.  They also told us they went on salt water only, and there were no mosquitos!  That sold us!

The ride was about 90 minutes, and was smooth and enjoyable.  The Captain pointed out some dolphins and manatees, but it was only glimipses, and we could not get anything on film.  I tried video, but only got water with some little dots! 

However, we did see the following:


An Osprey nest with your birds that we could almost reach out and touch……..


Some of the ‘forest’ in the Everglades………


Patsy and I on the boat……IMG_5337

We went by to check out the air boats………


The air boat ride office………


Before we left the National Park grounds, we had lunch.  I had fish and chips, and the other three had cheeseburgers.  The fish was very good and contained a lot of fish.  The burgers turned out to be double meat!!

When leaving, we drove about 25 miles East to a viewing area with a platform along a large canal that the National Park Rangers told about for viewing alligators.  We were able to see all we wanted…………. close up!!


We got to see our share of alligators!!

As we were about leave to head back to the RV resort, we began to see some of the swamp buggy folks coming out of the swamps and loading the buggies on trucks and trailers……...


We got home about 6:00pm, and got ready to leave the area on Monday morning.  As usual, the Woods left about 6:00am, and we left around 10;00am!!  I have counseled Ronnie that he needs to see a doctor about waking up so early!!!


More later!

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