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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Post -Rally Travels in Florida–Sanibel

We packed up and left the rally KOA on Friday morning.  We had checked out the state, and decided that we would check out the south eastern part of the state before leaving the state.

The Woods had to be back in Vidor, TX on the following Wednesday, and Patsy and I wanted to arrive in Memphis, TN for her cousin’s 50th Wedding Anniversary on Thursday.  Although the party was not going to occur until Saturday and Sunday, we wanted a couple of days to do nothing but rest and catch up on some chores.  We decided that we had 3 days to explore the area.

We made reservations for 3 nights at the Gulf Waters RV Resort in Fort Myers on the West Coast of Florida.  We arrived a little after noon, got setup, and headed for an afternoon on Sanibel Island.  It is a nice beach island.  Here are some pictures on Sanibel Island………..



There was a lot of ‘stuff’ washed up on the beach, but it was nice and not crowded.,………IMG_5063IMG_5065IMG_5067IMG_5069

Leave it up to Ronnie and the wives to find a snowman on the Florida beach……..IMG_5072IMG_5074IMG_5076IMG_5080

One of the crudest lighthouses I have ever seen………



On the beach near the lighthouse, we saw someone in a sailboat trying to make a 180 degree turn.  I think he was reading a manual while doing it, and almost turned it over…..IMG_5109IMG_5117

The next day, we planned to head to Naples and points south!

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