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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Camping Friends Rally–May ‘13 - Part 2

This is the final report on the rally.  On Sunday morning, we caravanned in cars to The 77th Ellinger Chamber of Commerce Tomato Festival about 13 miles from the campground.  One of the highlights of the festival was the local parade that had many of the antique automobiles from our tour on Saturday.  A lot of candy thrown from the parade vehicles was collected by our two grandkids and the three that accompanied the Didelot’s.

IMG_0001 (2)IMG_0002 (2)IMG_0003 (2)IMG_0007 (2)IMG_0008 (2)IMG_0010 (2)IMG_0011 (2)IMG_0012 (2)

We did not see the first tomato anywhere at the festival, but we had a lot of fun.  The local VFW did a nice memorial Flag Raising/21 Gun Salute service.

Back at the campground, the kids swam some more, and we visited. 

IMG_0014 (2)IMG_0015 (2)IMG_0016 (2)

Later in the afternoon, the ladies and the kids participated in a craft project to make American Flag pins.  I was surprised that the kids took to it…………..

IMG_0022 (2)IMG_0023 (2)IMG_0024 (2)IMG_0027 (2)IMG_0028 (2)IMG_0030 (2)IMG_0031 (2)IMG_0035 (2)IMG_0036 (2)

In the last few pictures above, you can see Weston (black shirt) and Austin (yellow shirt), twin grandsons of Mark and Sue Didelot.  The last picture features Darlene King (no relation) who along with her husband, Tom (really no relation!!!) hosted this rally.  Thanks, Darlene, for helping the kids, especially Aubrey, who came back to make a second pin for her mother!!

On Saturday evening, we had a ‘baked potato’ dinner with the club furnishing the potatoes and the members providing a variety of toppings.

After dinner, the members participated in a couple of games that included the kids.  One of them was a race with a potato inside a pair of pantyhose and tied to the contestants waist.  The goal was to swing the potato with your body, and knock an orange to the finish line.  Fortunately, since I was an adult contestant, there are no photos of the guys, but here are some of the kids…………….


The younger contestants were Austin Didelot (yellow shirt), Matthew King (green shirt), and Weston Didelot.  The Didelot’s third grandson, and the oldest is Trevor, who is shown sitting in the green shirt in the last photo. 

Matthew claimed that he had won, noting that the fact that the orange came into contact with his foot a couple of times was just trivia!!  They had fun!

Before we departed on Monday, the kids got to do another fun thing.  Daryl and Marsha, brother and sister-in-law of Carolyn, a member of our club attended this rally.  They are also Tiffin Phaeton owners, and carry a big toy in a trailer behind their rig.  Daryl gave each of the kids a ride around the campground…..

IMG_0037 (2)IMG_0039 (2)IMG_0041 (2)IMG_0042 (2)

Our next planned trip is with our grandkids at the end of June.


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