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Friday, June 21, 2013

Grandkid’s Summer 2013 Vacation #1

Currently, we have two separate vacation trips planned Matthew and Aubrey this summer.  The first is a ‘Swimming Vacation”, beginning this Saturday morning with 2 days (Saturday and Sunday nights) reserved at the Bastrop KOA that lists a swimming pool with an accompanying ‘splash park’.  With my attitude about KOA campgrounds, my expectations are fairly low, but we’ll see!  Regardless, the kids are excited, and from Goggle maps, it looks like a nice overall park.

Monday and Tuesday nights, we will move about 40 miles down the road to the Lockhart State Park……… one of the few Texas State Parks with a pool, and it is a really nice one!  We spent a few days there last summer, and we could only get a couple of weekdays this week….. hence, the weekend at Bastrop!

The next two days, we will travel to Waller, Texas and the Yogi Bear Jellystone campground and Wet-N-Wild Water Park.  We originally got this idea from a couple in our Camping Friends Camping Club and were going to join them for the upcoming weekend.  However, by the time we figured out that the kids summer activities would allow this week for travel, we were unable to secure reservations for a rig the size of our Bus!!  So, we did the next best thing and made reservations for Wednesday and Thursday nights and we will head home on Friday afternoon.  This actually turned out well, because we are now invited to a surprise 80th birthday party for my cousin!!

Summer 2013 Vacation #2 will be for two weeks and will occur in mid-July.  This trip will take us to see their cousin, our third grandchild, in Little Rock.  I have already purchased them season tickets at the local water park…..Wild River Country Water Park.  On our way home from this trip, we will stay a couple of days at the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Of course, there will be some 2—3 day trips in between all of the kids summer camps and activities.  More on these in later posts

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