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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grandkid’s Summer 2013 Vacation #1–Update #4

On Wednesday morning, we left the Lockhart State Park at about 9:30am and drove to the KOA-Jellystone campground in Waller, TX, with a couple of stops in between at grocery stores to restock.

We got to the campground at 12:45pm and check in time was 1:00pm, but they had our site ready, so we went on in.  By 1:15pm, the kids were in the water.

Although a bit pricey, since they automatically charge you for admission to the water park with the camping site, the park is nice enough that I decided it is a pretty good deal.  Here are some pictures of the park…………..

Part of the water park:


The movie theater with a free movie each night at 8:30pm:


Kamping Kabins for people without RV’s who don’t like tents:


A tent area….. the kids said a big “no, thank you!!”:


A wider shot of the water park:


The game arcade with another adult pool behind it:


The Ranger Station AKA food and gift shop:


And the miniature golf course:


Our site, which is very close to the water park:


The long water slide…….. got videos of the kids going down:


All of the attractions are included in the one activity price, plus, there are hayrides, crafts, and other things for kids to do.

The following are photos of the kids in the water park……..

Matthew in the water dump:


Aubrey waiting her turn to do down the blue tube:


Aubrey coming out of the blue tube:


Aubrey going up the blue tube again!


Matthew and a friend waiting for the next water dump:


The water dump almost ready to tip:


Aubrey coming out of the blue tube again:


Matthew coming down a slide:  (No, the girl is not Aubrey!)


I expect tomorrow will be an all-day repeat of this afternoon.  The water park is open from 9:00am to 8:00pm.  And, yes, we got some sunburn in the almost 100 degree heat, but we had fun!!

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