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Friday, June 28, 2013

Grandkid’s Summer 2013 Vacation #1–Update #5

Thursday was a “stay at the park and do it all” day.  We were at the water park when it opened at 9:00am, and the kids immediately got real wet…..


The heavy water was from a ‘bucket’ dump!  Next it was on to the big slides…..


At about 11:00am, we went back to the Bus and cut up a watermelon that we got at a Wal-Mart on the way here……..


Today, they spent a lot of time on the “Lazy River” ride.  We all went on it early when it was cooler, and I have deemed it “Boring River”!!  The river flow was just too slow!  I got some pictures of Matthew and his friend ‘JD’ in, but they were playing and not just riding…..


They also took some time today to play some “golf”……..


Friday, we have to check out of our site.  I could not get reservation for the weekend.  Checkout is Noon, so they will probably swim until that time, and we will hit the road for home.

It has been a good trip!!

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