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Thursday, May 23, 2013

TRVN Wrap-Up

While in Brunswick, we had some electrical problems with our Honda CRV toad.  The remote door locks quit working, as well as all the locking buttons.  Not a major problem, unless you are using the car with a lot of expensive tow equipment in it, and you have to remember to manually lock each door………. EACH TIME!!!

I spent two days working on it, changed out two electronic modules recommended by the dealer’s expert back in Texas, and finally gave up, and took the car to the local Honda dealer.  They were confident that they could fix it in a couple of hours, but it took two and a half days, along with a lot of consulting with Honda.  They finally found a broken wire between the door and the car (at the hinge) that was still making enough contact to read 12v on the door, but would not carry enough current to complete the operations.  In the end, it got fixed!!!

OK………. this is my reason for not updating this blog any sooner.  I got behind, and it just looked like too much of a task to catch up!!  Therefore, I am going to summarize the rest of this trip, and two weekend rallies that followed!

Having toured Jekyll Island, we spend another day driving and explored St. Simons Island.  It was a pleasant drive, and here are a few photos:

IMG_0001 (2)IMG_0007IMG_0008 (2)IMG_0009 (2)IMG_0011 (2)IMG_0012 (2)IMG_0013 (2)

Back at the rally, there were several meals and seminars.  We attended a class on using Picasa for storing photographs, and a discussion session on coach maintenance and modifications.  We also participated in a ‘tour de coaches’ by showing our Bus, and looking through others for modifications.

Here are some general pictures from the rally of the activities:


The last picture shows Jimmy Campbell, left, who along with his wife, Robin, has done most of the scheduling and planning of the TRVN rallies in the Southeast region, and Brannon Hutcheson, owner of Custom RV in Red Bay, who is one of the best RV technicians we have met. 

The rally ended on Sunday, and we left, heading west across the panhandle of Florida towards Texas. 

More later……………..

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