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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Camping Friends Rally–May ‘13 - Part 1

We arrived at the Colorado Landing RV Park in La Grange, TX on Thursday at about 11:00am, and got checked in & set up.  The Didelot’s arrived about 2 hours later and set up in the site next to us. 

About all we did Thursday was me continuing to update this blog from the last two months and Patsy exercising in the swimming pool…….. which is right across from our site.  On Thursday night, we did get together to play card games with the other campers.

We had arranged for our Daughter-in-law, Laura, to meet us half way from home with our grandkids on Friday evening after they got out of school, so they could spend Memorial Day weekend with us.  By Friday, most of the other club members had arrived, and at 4:30pm, we left to meet Laura and the kids on the other side of Hallettsville, TX.  We got back to the park a little past 7:00pm, and the first thing that the kids wanted to do was to hit the swimming pool……… so, guess what we did!!

IMG_0002IMG_0004IMG_0005IMG_0007 IMG_0010IMG_0013

After swimming, we went back to the clubhouse and played some more card games.  The Didelot’s also had three of their grandson’s with them, so the kids had some company.

On Saturday morning, we slept through the 7:00am club breakfast and did not get up until after 8:00am.  Grammie made pancakes and sausage for us in the Bus,and it was good! 

Then we had to hurry and get ready for a trip to a local guy’s house, who is a friend of a club member has three large barns full of antique cars and some motorcycles for a ‘viewing’.

The kids liked this corvette convertible………


Here are two of the barns……


The kids standing next to a ‘64 Chevrolet Impala 2-door hardtop that was just like what I owned from 1965 until 1973….. a nice car!



Didelot’s oldest grandson, Trevor, showing where to gas up a ‘56 Chevy….


Really old cars……….


Aubrey found another car to drive……….


…. and then a purple one that she really liked:


Since the kids sometimes shorten my name to “Pops”, they wanted this picture………


More cars………..


This guy also had some motorcycles.  One of them was used in the movie, “Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In fact, when he bought it, he also got the jacket that Arnold wore in the movie.  Here are some pictures of the bike & kids with the kids wearing the jacket…….. complete with ‘bullet’ holes!


In the middle picture above, Matthew is showing off Arnold’s autograph on the sleeve of the jacket!!  He also autographed the gas tank on the bike……….


Kids on the bike without the jacket………


In addition to the storage barns, the guy had a “party barn”  He said that he rents it out for weddings, graduations, etc.  Here are some inside pictures with the kids playing with one of the “toys” and some outside pictures of Patsy and Aubrey in the yard…..


After the tour, we headed back to the park for lunch and more card games and swimming. 

For Saturday night dinner, we went to a local Mexican restaurant, Las Fuentes.  Here are some pictures from dinner……….


More rally on Sunday and Monday……….

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