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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Las Vegas Visit

We arrived in Las Vegas on Friday with a potential list of three campgrounds to choose for our visit.  After driving past or through them, we settled on the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, which is a Passport America park and is only 4 miles from the strip on I-15.

While we were checking in, Patsy was approached by a lady trying to get people to sign up to attend a presentation to join the Affinity Resort Club, called CamperClub.  She spun a wheel, and hit two free nights of camping at this resort and a laptop computer.  So, we agreed to sit through a one hour presentation on Saturday morning to qualify for the gifts. 

We then went to our site, dumped the tanks from our desert stay, and got completely hooked up.  Here are some pictures of our site…….


We spent the rest of the day washing clothes, cleaning the inside of the Bus, and doing some shopping around town.  While shopping, we took the Honda through a car wash to get the dust off of it.  We also purchased a 12v switch, wiring and connectors that I wanted to add to my dash cam system.

Here are some pictures of the campground………..



On Saturday morning, we attended our session, told them “No, Thanks”, and picked up our certificates for two nights of camping and the laptop computer.

We are not sure at this time when we will leave Las Vegas, but we had paid for three days at this resort, and have now added our ‘free’ two  additional nights to this stay.  Therefore, we may leave on Wednesday evening, or use another coupon that we have to stay another three days at another campground near the strip for $20 a night.  We will decide later.

More to come……….

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