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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Exploring Las Vegas -- 1

On Sunday morning, we headed down to the strip, and the first casino/hotel that we visited was The Venetian.  In my work days, I had a conference at the Venetian in Las Vegas, and Patsy went with me.  I had gone on a trip to South America the week before, and I flew into back into Victoria, met Patsy at the airport, exchanged suitcases and clothes, and we took off for a week at Las Vegas……. on the company credit card!

We were always impressed with the shopping area that has an Italian flavor complete with a blue sky that is very realistic looking and canals with boat rides.  Here are some pictures……….IMG_0943IMG_0945IMG_0946

A “live Statue”




Several casinos/hotels were celebrating the Chinese “Year of the Dragon”, and the following pictures show that………..


After walking around this casino, my foot was hurting, and it was lunch time.  We returned to the Bus, and I worked on the previous blog posts.  At about 2:00pm, we headed to a local Wal-Mart, and then to a Trader Joe’s for supplies.  We took the stuff back to the Bus, and then headed back to the strip for further exploring.

Our first stop was The Bellagio casino.  It had a few displays, but was not as interesting as the Venetian.  Here are some pictures (they were also celebrating the Chinese “Year of the Dragon”) …….


The people above were playing live music.  The displays below were all made from fresh flowers…….




We decided that we would do one more casino before we called it a night.  We headed over to the Paris Hotel/Casino.  Here are some pictures from the outside while enroute……….


The inside shopping area and casino at the Paris was the best.  We really enjoyed walking through it.


The above picture shows the casino in the background, and the trusses that make up the legs of the ‘Eifel Tower’ going up and through the “sky”.  I looked, and they had spacing around the hole in the ceiling for movement.  All of the pictures in this post were taken with an iPhone, so the quality is not real good.

More exploring on Monday.

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