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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Exploring Las Vegas - 3

On Tuesday morning, our casino of choice was Caesar's Palace.  We arrived at about 9:00am.   The parking garage was easy to find, and we started our tour.  The casino and shopping area was the best of all that we have visited so far…… just in front of the Venetian with the canals!  Like the Venetian, it had street scenes with blue cloudy skies painted on the high ceilings.  Here are some pictures……….


It is amazing and very interesting to see what they have built here “indoors”!  Being Greek influenced, there were a lot of fountains.  Here are some views of them………..


Two other interesting things that we saw were spiral escalators and statues acting as columns hold up the building………..


After the tour through Caesar's Palace, we still had energy left, so we drove to the MGM Grand and walked through it.  It was not very impressive, so no pictures.  We returned to the Bus for some rest.

This is our last night in this “Resort”, and tomorrow we plan to move to a new park.  I want to drive the Bus down The Las Vegas Strip at night and video the lights with my dash cam, so we plan to dump our tanks this afternoon, and take the Bus to town tonight.  We will return, but only plug into cable and electricity for the night, and then relocate in the morning.

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