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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Exploring Las Vegas - 5

As we left the campground this morning, I took a few pictures.  They are in the following order;  Campground sign, RV office, and our site….


It’s a nice enough campground, but nothing special.  Close sites with concrete pads, and a little gravel in between.  The WIFI and cable TV is of high quality…….. all you really need for touring the area.

We have toured about all of the casinos and other strip attractions that we wanted, except Patsy wanted to see the inside of the Wynn Hotel and Casino.   So, that is where we went this morning

For our friends that are Tiffin Allegro Motorhome owners, we found a new “Allegro Club” that many may not know about.  It was in the Wynn Casino as we walked into the building……


Like all of the other casinos, the Self Parking was easy and free.  As we entered the hotel/casino, it was clear that this place was classier than the other places.  Like the others, they were celebrating the “year of the snake”…….


As seen in some of the pictures above, the floors had a lot of inlaid tiles…..


We also went to the pool and garden area.  I got some pictures of goldfish in the fountain and some orchids.


I was going to pick an orchid for Patsy, but she thought it was not appropriate for the RV park, and might look “tacky”!!

All over town, they have sculptures of rams, horses, and donkeys along the freeways, so Patsy took a couple of pictures this morning.


We spent the afternoon at the Bus, taking showers, washing and drying clothes, and catching up on some computer work.  The PC was tied up over 3 hours while I downloaded the 2013 maps for my Garmin Nuvi GPS.  I will see if it works tonight when we drive to North Las Vegas to visit the old part of the strip where the Fremont Street Experience is located.

Before I close, we want to wish our friend, Sue Didelot, a very happy birthday.  I sent her a photo of a billboard here in Las Vegas that showed what her husband Mark and I looked like before our wives made us stop eating at the “Outback” steakhouse!!!  Maybe they will reverse that decision?!!??


The report on the “Fremont Street Experience” is forth coming!!

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