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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exploring Las Vegas–4 (An Alternative)

Last night was our last night to stay at the Oasis RV Resort, and we had plans to move to Arizona Charlie's Casino/Hotel/RV Park complex in Boulder.  We had picked up coupons at the Quartzsite RV show to stay here for $20/night with full hookups including cable and WIF.

We plan to stay at Arizona Charlie’s for three nights, and head back toward Tucson on Saturday morning. We will take our time for the 400 mile trip, and stay the night at the Desert Diamond casino and then check into the Lazy Days Resort for Sunday and Monday nights.  That will give us a good venue for watching the Super Bowl.

On the way to move campgrounds, we stopped at a Sam’s Club to fuel up the Bus.  They listed diesel for $3.74/gal plus we get 5% off (18 cents) with a new PenFed VISA card that we recently received.  All the truck stops around here are at about $4.00/gal.

Since the Oasis was closer and more convenient to the Las Vegas Strip, I wanted to take the Bus down the Strip and back at night with the dash camera on to record a colorful night-time video of the ‘lights of the Strip”.

And speaking of the dash camera, while driving to this new campground this morning, I had the camera on, and the following scenario happened:

I was driving down Flamingo Road which is 5 lanes at the intersections….. two to turn left at the light and three to continue straight.  I was in the left lane of the three going straight when I saw a car in the right-most left turn lane with the right blinker on, trying to get into the three straight-ahead lanes.  The car immediately in front of me let them in, and then I saw that their tail-lights were blinking fast like the police cars do. 

The light was red, so all traffic was stopped.  The car pulled into the center of the ‘going-straight’ lanes, and backed up to the front of the car in that lane.  At this point, two guys jumped out of the car, pulled badges out of their jackets that were hanging around their necks, and tried to open the door of the car that they blocked in.  The person in the car had the doors locked, and the windows were heavily tinted.  The car had Florida plates.

The guys then un-buttoned their jackets and put their hands on their weapons, and one guy went back to the car to get a radio, and came back to the car.  I thought he was going to use the radio to break the window……….. and at that point, the light turned green, and the car in front of me took off, and I had no reason to stay,  But, I did record this much!!!

We proceeded to the new campground, got checked in and hooked up, and then decided that we would forego the casinos and tour the countryside. 

We chose to drive to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and take the 13 mile scenic drive.  The $7.00 entrance fee was waived with our National Parks Pass for people over 62.  It was a nice drive and a treat to be out of the hustle of the city.  Here are only some of the pictures…….


Here are some views of the rock formations in the drive……….


At one point, they had numerous petroglyphs in the park.  I got a good picture of one………. hand prints:


After driving through Red Canyon, we decided to take the drive to Mount 'Charleston at Elevation 7450’.  It was much colder up there, and a lot of snow was still around…….


One of the things that we learned at the Visitor Center was that the rock formations in this area have been created by rain and wind erosion.  At one point, we saw a mountain that had a formation that looked like a woman standing on the side……


That concludes today’s report.  Tomorrow will be planned……….. tomorrow!!

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