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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Visit with Betty and Vernon

As we said two posts ago, when we realized that we would be going through Memphis, TN on the way to visit our daughter in Little Rock, AR, we decided to pay Betty and Vernon a visit……. mainly to see her new grandson!!!   Patsy won’t pass up a chance to see and hold a baby!!

The grandson was Henry, the six-week old son of Betty’s daughter, Gina, and her husband, Jim.  We also got to see Betty’s other daughter, Dana and her husband, Jeremy.

Like some past visits, since Betty knew we were coming, she did a lot of work cooking a nice lunch.  She barbequed a brisket and had sides of green beans, a pasta dish, and veggies.  She then packed it up, and drove it 45 miles to Gina’s house!!   The next visit will be unannounced…… except for a pair of really loud air horns going off in front of her house when we arrive!!!

We did not take any pictures, but we got to see the old house that Gina and Jim are restoring into their home.  It is a big house, and they are doing a great job.

Here is a picture of Henry shortly after birth………..

Baby Henry 005

and here is one with his proud Grandpa…….

Baby Henry 002

In fact, Vernon was taking care of Henry when we showed up today.

And here is Henry showing off his happy Mom and Dad…..

Henry's Big Day 019

Betty, Vernon, et al…….. thanks for a great meal and a great visit!!

We are spending the night at the Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis, AR.  We have stayed here before with our RV’ing friends Mark & Sue and Manuel & Connie.   It was nice to have a 50amp hookup with Sewer.  We got a lot of wash done!!

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