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Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Rock Visit

We stopped in Little Rock, AR for a couple of nights to visit our daughter and SIL.  We normally stay at Maumelle Park, but they only have 50AMP power near the docks where it is covered in trees that interfere with out satellite TV reception and the other sites are only 30AMP.  We checked with the Downtown RV Park in North Little Rock, and they had all full hookup with 50AMP, plus they honored Passport America  at $9.90 a night!!!   Of course, that is where we stayed this time!

It is a gravel park, with a little grass along the riverfront, but the price and proximity were great.   Here is our site and the view out the front window…..

Little Rock 005

Little Rock 009

I also thought we had an 18 wheeler parked with us, but then we drove around and found out it was someone’s home……….

Little Rock 001

Little Rock 003

Little Rock 008

We ate out twice.  We tried a Cheeburger—Cheeburger, trying to find the great onion rings that we had at that restaurant in Florida, but they weren’t as good!  We also tried a Greek restaurant, and it was very good.  When I down loaded my pictures from the camera, I found some pictures that Patsy took at the house of the pool and the dog……… Izzy!

Little Rock 012

Little Rock 013

Little Rock 020

Little Rock 019

We left Wednesday morning, and headed for Texas.  We spent the night at the Rusk State Park Campground, home of the Rusk-Palestine train ride.  We were the only rig in the park!!!  When we checked out, I asked about the occupancy, and the girl said that it was only that way on “weekdays”.

We left on Thursday morning, and headed to the Wolf Creek Park to meet up with one of our camping groups.

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Connie Esparza said...

Hi Richard and Patsy: I had been so busy, I had not had a chance to visit your blog. Looks like you had a great vacation. Enjoyed your pics. I am hoping to get a litle rest after this rally in Kemah, TX with the WWWs. Will stay in the Houston area to attend the LSA Rally next week. I desperately need some rest....feeling really tired. Take care and hope to see you soon. Miss you guys.