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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Montgomery, IN Amish Community

We left Berne and headed toward Montgomery, IN about 10:00am.  Along the way, we saw a designation on the Indiana State Road Map noting ‘the longest covered bridge in the USA’, so we decided to take a little side road to check it out. 

It was long, and also in bad physical shape.  The road to it was very narrow in places, but we were lucky that the traffic was very light……… we met very few vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Here are some pictures………..

Montgomery, IN Amish 005

While we were sitting on the side of the road, a truck parked in front of us and delivered a porta-potty -- presumably for a construction work crew……

Montgomery, IN Amish 011

A better picture shot from the inside of the Bus as we crossed the bridge…….

Montgomery, IN Amish 017

Montgomery, IN Amish 018 Montgomery, IN Amish 019

We arrived in Montgomery in a bad rain storm.  Once it passed, we found a local campground park, and secured a site in it.  We then took the car and did some touring.  We found the Gasthof Amish Village, and checked out the restaurant and bakery.  We got a piece of coconut cream pie at the bakery, and decided to come back to the restaurant for the Friday night dinner buffet.  The food was great!!!!

Here are some pictures of the grounds at the Amish Village………..

Montgomery  IN -  Amish 014

Montgomery IN -  Amish 001 

A close-up of the yellow lilies…….

Montgomery  IN -  Amish 002 

Patsy sitting on the porch of the bakery…….

Montgomery  IN -  Amish 004 

The “Blue Door” gift shop

Montgomery, IN Amish 021

The restaurant………

Montgomery, IN Amish 024

A second gift shop on the grounds of the village…….

Montgomery, IN Amish 025

We asked where we could find the Amish.  The lady at the restaurant told us to go to the big auction at “Dinky’s” Auction House on Friday night.  We went on Friday afternoon, and found a ‘flea market’ of sorts with ‘expired’ foods and dented cans…… and the Amish women were buying it up.  The expired foods (like Hostess cupcakes) had only expired in the last few days.

We went back to Dinky’s after we ate on Friday night, and were surprised at the ‘auction’.  We expected to see professional auctioneers selling horses and other animals.  Instead, we found small groups in either building and outside listening to an Amish guy with an electric ‘megaphone and speaker’ auctioning off automobiles, potted plants & hanging baskets, odd tools and parts, and other grouping of things!!!

Here is Dinky’s…..

Montgomery  IN -  Amish 009 Montgomery  IN -  Amish 010

We did a lot of riding around in the countryside.  Here are some buggy and roadside pictures……….

Montgomery  IN -  Amish 012

Montgomery  IN -  Amish 013 Montgomery, IN Amish 026 Montgomery  IN -  Amish 006 Montgomery  IN -  Amish 007

On Saturday morning, we went to the Amish Flea Market at the Amish Village complex.  We bought something for Aubrey, but did not take any pictures.

We looked to the map, and decided that we would continue on to Little Rock to visit our daughter, but we also chose to visit Patsy’s cousin, Betty, in Memphis to see her first grandchild.

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Anonymous said...

I still feel that with this Blog I am traveling also. Great pictures and just have a great time and be safe. Here in Victoria all is the same and Mom Bertha is still holding on and so is Jim's brother Ernie.