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Friday, June 11, 2010

Amish in Berne, IN

As we traveled South after the SCIC rally, we stopped at a rest area entering Indiana, and found some maps and brochures.  One described Berne, IN as having an Amish community, so we decided to check it out. 

Berne was a nice little town, and we parked the Bus and used to car to ride around.  We only got a few pictures because Patsy does not like to have the Amish see her taking their picture, so they are always from a distance!!!!

Here are a few………

Berne, IN Amish 005

Berne, IN Amish 009 Berne, IN Amish 012 Berne, IN Amish 013 Berne, IN Amish 015

Berne, IN Amish 020 I took the following two pictures at a gas station…….

Berne, IN Amish 021 Berne, IN Amish 022

Patsy had read someplace that the Older Order Amish do not believe in covered buggies, and this must be one of those groups.  I thought these were their convertibles for the summer months, but there were not covered buggies to be found anyplace!!

We left Berne at about 6:00pm and drove past Indianapolis so we would not have to do that in the morning rush hour traffic.  We parked overnight in a Walmart parking lot in Greenwood, IN……. just south of Indianapolis.   We also topped off the fuel take at $2.81/gal.

Bus in Walmart Lot 001

Bus in Walmart Lot 005

Today, we will head to another Amish community in Southern Indiana at Montgomery, IN, and continue our trek back to Texas without a plan!

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