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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Illinois Amish Country

After two days of “hard driving”, we had a light day on Tuesday.  We left the Effingham, IL Walmart at about 8:30am, and drove about 60 miles to Arcola, IL, which is the ‘entry point’ for the Illinois Amish country.  We stopped at the Visitor Center, which is located in an old railroad station.  We out that Arcola is the birthplace of Johnny Gruelle, who is the author of the Raggety Ann books.  It also is the home of a Hippie Memorial!  Here are some pictures……….

Ilinois Amish 005

Ilinois Amish 004

 Ilinois Amish 003

 Ilinois Amish 007

Ilinois Amish 002

We then headed about 10 miles west to Arthur, IL, which is the center of the Amish community.  We found a spot to park the Bus and unhooked the car and drove about 85 miles touring the area.  Here are some pictures of buggies that we got……

Ilinois Amish 022

Ilinois Amish 008

Ilinois Amish 010

Ilinois Amish 011

Ilinois Amish 012

I guess everybody likes a bargain…..Ilinois Amish 013

Ilinois Amish 025  Ilinois Amish 023

While Patsy was shopping in a store, I watched these boys playing in a field…..

Ilinois Amish 018

Ilinois Amish 015

Ilinois Amish 017

We finished up our tour about 3:00pm, and hit the road for Elkhart, IN, where we will stay for about 4 days before driving 60 miles north to Charlotte, MI for the Spartan rally.  We saw this unusual sight along the way…..

Ilinois Amish 020

Ilinois Amish 026 

We got to the Elkhart exit on the toll road at about 8:00pm, and parked in a service plaza for the night.  Tomorrow, we plan to go to the Shipshewana area, near Elkhart, for a few days.

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Amish America said...

Interesting trip! I always enjoy hearing about the Arthur community. Erik