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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #10

On Thursday, our “without a plan” trip northward from Key West required some changes when we could not find a good campground with vacancies along the upper Keys.  Ronnie had stayed at a  resort just a little north of Miami,  Aztec RV Resort in Margate, FL.  It turned out to be a very nice resort.  Here are a few pictures starting with our sites……….


There were a lot of thatched roofs, and the first picture is of a new “green”one…..


The above picture shows a nicely ‘paved’ driveway, and the following include shots of neat carts…….


We saw a couple that replicated ‘57 chevy’s, but did not get a photo.  The next photo is of a Prevost (high dollar coach) that has a Rolls Royce for a tow car!!


On the way down to Key West, we stopped near Miami and toured the South Beach area.  This time, we decided to drive through “Little Havana”.  It was interesting!!  Not much description, but a lot of pictures to tell the story……


The 4th picture above shows a small mural on the side of a McDonalds restaurant.  I had a close-up, but must have deleted it during editing of my photos!!  The following are general photos of the area……..


The following picture shows a downtown park area with a covered pavilion.  When we walked the town, we looked into the park, and found a lot of tables where people were engaged in domino games (as seen in the next photo)………. don’t think it was a tournament, as we saw the same type of thing going on in side streets with portable tables.  I think it was probably a daily pastime.


Truth be told, it took us a while to find the Little Havana area, and the sun was starting to set when we got back to the resort.

On Friday, we wanted to see the coast and beach area, so we headed off to Boca Raton.  We found where all the money in Florida resides…… Amazingly large number of really large homes, or estates!  The yards and hedges were excellently manicured…… Landscapers must make a fortune here.

However, there was virtually no access by the public to the beaches!  Also, the homes and yards were so large and the streets so narrow, there was no way to get good pictures. 

We ended the day, and our visit to the Miami area with plans to leave for the St. Augustine area on Saturday morning.

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