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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #12

On Tuesday morning, a couple of hours after Ron and Kathy left for Texas, Patsy and I headed north on I-95 for the Savannah area.  We had originally planned to stop short of Savannah and overnight at a campground that would allow us to easily visit St. Simon and Jekyll Islands.

However, we pulled over at the Georgia Rest Area/Welcome Station to pick up some maps and tourist information, and while heading back to the Bus, Patsy tripped on a side walk and took a hard fall.  Not knowing how sore she would be, I decided to find a campground in Savannah, where we would be for two days, and do the Savannah tour first.

I managed to get a two day reservation at the Red Gate Campground near Savannah.  In fact, it is only 5 miles from the center of town.  It was a very nice campground and convenient to Savannah.  Here are some pictures:



After we got checked-in and set up, Patsy was feeling OK, so we drove into Savannah and visited the Riverfront area. We arrived late in the day, but here are some pictures………..


We have visited Savannah before, but it is always a nice place to see.  The last time we were here, we had our two grandkids and their mother, DIL, with us.  We had traveled to Charleston to see my nephew’s retirement ceremony from the U. S. Air Force.  During that visit, we ate at a restaurant named The Pirates House!  We were hungry for Seafood, so we decided to go again.


On Wednesday, we headed back into Savannah to visit the City Market area.  It is a two-block area that is closed off to traffic, and the street is a pedestrian walkway.  It is also the pick-up area for the horse carriage rides.  On Tuesday, while we were on the Riverfront area, we found a portrait Insert for our grandkids, but that store did not have all of them.  We needed to go to a sister store in the City Market to pick it up.


The Market area is near where Paula Deen had her restaurant, “Lady and Sons”.  We decided to walk past it and her gift store and take pictures……..


After the City Market area, we decided to drive out to Tybee Island and do some sight-seeing.  First, we went out onto the beach……


From the beach, we went by the Tybee Island lighthouse…


And then we went to the beach across from the lighthouse…


They even had a blue mat from the walkway to the waters edge!!


On Thursday morning, we will go back south on I-95 to Brunswick to visit Jekyll and Saint Simon’s Islands

More then………….

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