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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #11

On Saturday morning, we cranked up and left the Aztec RV Resort and headed north to the St. Augustine KOA campground.  The campground was full, and we got our reservations at separate times, and did not end up together.  Here are pictures of our site that Patsy took as she walked around the park………….


In the previous picture, you can see some KOA cabins across a pond from our site.  The following are photos of the area behind our campsites.


While we were at the Aztec RV resort, I had an electrical problem with the Bus.  It turned out that my inverter quit charging my 12v house batteries, and they got quite low.  After doing some trouble shooting, and discussing the problem with several people, I finally had to purchase a portable 12v battery charger to do the charging.  When I am driving, the chassis alternator keeps the batteries charged, but when stopped in a campground, I need the battery charger to replenish the charge.  We will live this way until our next trip which will include a visit to a technician at the factory!!

Therefore, after we got to the KOA, I spent the afternoon working on the electrical problem.  The Woods rested and watched TV and grilling our dinner.

On Sunday morning, we headed out to visit the local beaches and the St. Augustine Lighthouse.  Here are some pictures:  (You can see by our choice of beachwear that it was pretty cold!!)


After the beach and lighthouse, we drove over to the Old St. Augustine area. 


We wanted to finish the day off with a good meal, and since we have not had Mexican food in a while, we asked at the campground for a recommendation.  The told us about Cantina Louie, so we tried it.  With all the “skulls” on the sign and building, we weren’t sure it would be good.  It was advertised as street food…… so I thought it was roadkill!!  In the end, it was pretty good, and there was a lot of it.  Check out the size of the burrito in the following…..


And Kathy’s Taco Salad and rice…..


and she wasn’t sharing!!!!


Ron’s Quesadilla that looked more like a huge taco….


The booths were large, and when the food showed up, we knew why!  I guess I had so much fun with Ron and Kathy’s plates, I failed to get pictures of mine and Patsy’s!!

On Monday, we drove along the beach on scenic highway A1A from St. Augustine to Jacksonville.  We checked out the campground where we had a coupon from the Tampa RV show for three days of camping for the cost of two! 

Patsy and I made reservations for next Friday, Saturday and Sunday to allow us to explore Jacksonville, and to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.  On Monday morning, we will start our trek back to Victoria and home.

Ron and Kathy will be leaving for Texas on Tuesday morning while Patsy and I will spend Tuesday through Thursday in the Savannah, GA area.

We will miss traveling with Ron and Kathy, but I won’t miss getting up early each morning to hit the road….. especially in the Eastern Time Zone where it is another hour early!!!  Other than getting up too early to travel, we have had a lot of fun traveling together.

The next post will cover Patsy and my Savannah area visit.

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