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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #13

We left the Red Gate campground in Savannah on Thursday morning, and drove about 85 miles to the Golden Isles Vacation Park at Brunswick, GA.

Our intent was to visit Jekyll Island and then drive over to Saint Simon Island.  We left the park shortly after noon, and arrived on Jekyll Island about 30 minutes later.

The history of Jekyll Island is interesting.  In short, a group of rich people bought the island around the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and tried to keep it a private island, even using force.  A part of the story can be found here.


The island has nice beaches and a lot of history……. in the form of old homes.  It also has the single entrance road shown above with a fee to enter the island.

The Beaches………..


The old preserved homes were beautiful and well kept.  Here are a few examples………


Ever since we started this current trip to the east coast, Patsy has been fascinated with the large trees covered in moss.  They are really abundant on these islands.  Here are some examples……….


After touring Jekyll Island, we drove across a rather large bridge to Saint Simon Island.  The bridge resembled the one that we took in Savannah from the Riverfront area.  In fact, both were on State Hwy 17, and were over marshlands that were navigable. 


The bridge was one of the highlights of the visit to Saint Simon Island.  A lighthouse was the other…….


In the downtown area, there was a nice pier, from which we were able to photograph the lighthouse……..


In the above photo, the land mass in the background is Jekyll Island as seen from the Saint Simons Island Pier.

Tomorrow, we leave for Jacksonville for three days at a resort to tour the city, watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, and to rest up for the 1000 mile drive back to Texas!!

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