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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #9

Wednesday is our third and last day in Key West.  Even though Ronnie and I complained about how hard it was to get our rigs into the sites here, today, we walked the drive out…… and it is just as bad.

Since I am parked on a row in front of Ronnie, I will have to wait while he backs out and exits on the drive path that he came in on, and then the wives and I will “walk” him out to help with the tight places and turns.  When we get him to the park exit, I will have to back out of my site, and through his site, which is not only one row behind me, but a space to the right!!  Once I miss the trees, rigs and sheds to accomplish that task, then Ronnie and the wives will “walk me out via Ronnie’s exit!!

We will make it, but with the sites over a $!00/night here, it should be much better.  To help with tomorrow, Ronnie and I went to the office and asked that security have a couple of people move their cars at 8:00am in the morning.

Today, Wednesday, we drove to Marathon Key, but did not find a lot of things to do.  We then decided to pay another visit to Key West for a few souvenirs for kids and grandkids, and to make sure we visited everything in Key West that interested us.

On the way, we saw a K-Mart store, and decided to visit it one more time before they are all gone.  It kind of reminded us of why they are going out of business!!


At one ‘Souvenir’ shop, Kathy and Patsy spotted a large chair outside the store while I was checking out, and said they would wait for me out in the chair. The cashier, who I was complaining to about all the shopping costs, told me that this was a good time to get away from them……… she said that a lot of women sit in the chair, but can’t get out!!


The cashier did not know these healthy ladies…….. they got right out!!  I told them what she had said to encourage them to get out, and after exiting the chair, they opened the door to the store………. and telling the cashier “Ha ha, we got out!!!”.  Just like kids!!!

As we were retuning on HWY 1 to our campground, we stopped and checked out a couple of other campgrounds on the way.  They all made us more unhappy with the place we had picked.  In one of them, we spotted some pelicans in a tree….. we were used to seeing them on post in the water……


On the previous post, I did not have a place to post a couple of pictures that Patsy took of the water area of this campground.  It did make the place appear better…… we are just in a bad couple of sites for our rigs.

IMG_1175 - CopyIMG_1179 - CopyIMG_1187 - CopyIMG_1295 - Copy

And, the last picture prompts the question……. “Why did the ladies cross the road?”

IMG_3312 - Copy

Well, it was to shop another store, silly!!

Tomorrow, the PLAN …….THOUGHT is to move northward to Everglades National Park and see if we can get a couple of campsites. 

There is NO PLAN from this point on!


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