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Monday, January 23, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #6

We drove across central Florida, and arrived at the Kissimmee KOA about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Given the type of day that I had on Friday, and the 300miles driven today, Patsy and I just stayed in the Bus.

Ronnie and Kathy went to the Mecum Auto Auction, and looked around at all of the restored cars and trucks that were up for sale.  They found out that it cost $30/person to just get into the area, so they decided that they had seen enough and did not need to go back on Saturday.  Patsy and I were planning on returning with them on Saturday, but for $60, we had no interest either.

On Saturday, we decided to drive to the East Coast and drive as far north as Daytona Beach.  We knew that the access to the beach was very limited in this area, except that you could actually drive on Daytona beach.  I also knew that from reading his daily blog, that Nick Russell, famous as The Gypsy Journal writer, who has been writhing about the full-time RV life while driving around the US in his Winnebago.  He also has a daily blog that I follow, and I was aware that he had purchased a house in Edgewater, FL.  As we drove up the coast highway, I saw his neighborhood, so we drove in and searched his for his house based on a picture in his blog!  We found it:…..


We had planned to stop for a few minutes, but there were several cars parked around it, so we figured he had company, and did not want to barge in.  In his blog the next day, he discussed his visitors, and I was glad we let him in peace!

We found a few places to visit the beach, but when we finally arrived at Daytona beach, it was approaching 5:00pm, and they were closing the beach to driving!!

We still had fun……the first picture is a RAV-4, I think, that a veteran fixed up and parks it at the beach to solicit donations for Veterans.


On Sunday, we left Kissimmee KOA, and drove the 60 miles to the Tampa area for the Florida RV Show.at the Tampa Fairgrounds.  We had a reservation to camp on the fairgrounds beginning Wednesday, so we found a local campground to stay at until then…….. East Tampa RV Park

I had some problems with an OTA powered TV antenna that I had installed at the Texas RV Rally last April in Canton, TX, that I had participated in putting on.  The company agreed to send me a new one, but could not deliver it to my house before we left on this RV Trip.  Instead, I had them to ship it to this campground, and sure enough, it was waiting for me at the check in counter!!

I spent the rest of the day changing it out, and packing up the old one to return.  We now have good local TV when the campground does not have cable, and Patsy and I don’t have to fight over using our DISH satellite!!

Monday’s adventure continues in the next posting……

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