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Monday, January 23, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #7

NOTE:  This will be a LONG post……. but it updates a busy week!

On Monday, after we mailed the old OTA antenna back to the vendor, we drove to the St. Petersburg area to visit the Fort De Soto County Park.  It was interesting, and here are some pictures……..

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On Tuesday, we rested a bit, and then drove up the highway to the Premium Outlet Mall South of Tampa in Ellenton, FL.  Here are the happy shoppers….


While waiting for the Wednesday opening of the RV show, we also visited the Lazy Days RV Sales here near Tampa.

Also while East of Tampa, we visited The Parkesdale Market………. famous for strawberries and strawberry shortcakes and shakes.

On Wednesday, we got up early and drove about 10 miles and got set up in the temporary campground at the fairgrounds.  Our sites were right on one of the roads, and next to the queue for entering the campground.   We spent a part of the day watching the confusion of getting all of the rigs parked close together.  The Woods and us were back to back,


The latter photo shows the parking crew during a lull in arrivals!!

Our four days at the RV show was fun, and interesting to see new ideas and designs in RV’s.  I did not take a lot of pictures of the RV’s for two reasons.  We are satisfied with what we have, and there were just too many to look at.  They said there were 765 rigs in the campground, and they sold out early due to the demand!!

There were a few pictures that I thought were necessary….


Weary show attendees, waiting for another to visit a bathroom!!


Our days started out with “FREE” Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and coffee at 8:00am (EST no doubt!!!), and ended about 8:30pm with free entertainment.  The first night was a “Neil Diamond” impersonator…….


He told us that his 12 year old son was his helper with the sounds, and his name was Bobby Darin!!

The second night’s entertainment was twin brothers who sang songs, play guitars, and told jokes.  They were pretty good, but I forgot their names!!

The last night, we were entertained by a husband and wife duo.  They mostly sang “RV songs” written by the wife, and told jokes……. and some were very original and funny.


One unexpected event at the show occurred as we were resting in the Tiffin tent, and Kathy spotted a guy from our “Texas Allegro Bluebonnet  Club” out of the San Antonio/Austin area in Texas.  It was Robert Stromberg  His wife was in Tampa with him, but at the time was at their hotel.

We made  arrangements to meet them on Saturday at an Outback Steakhouse in Lakeland, FL for lunch.  It was a good meal with good friends…..


Since it was THE STROMBERG’s. who are VIP’s, I dressed in my best shirt…….. a gift made by, and given to me, by my daughter-in-law!!!!


In case you can’t read it, the wording states “I’m a PROUD father-in-law of an AWESOME daughter-in-law”!

In smaller print at the bottom, it says….. “Yes, she made this shirt”!!!

Early on Sunday, we closed up the Bus, and left the fairgrounds ahead of the crowds, and made our journey to Key West.  During the show, we managed to make reservations at an ENCORE RV Resort called Sunshine Key which is located at MM 39 on Highway 1, which means it is 39 miles from Key West. 

We were happy to get the reservation at such a late date in the high season of Florida’s snowbird season, and glad to be so close to Key West for three days. 

We split the trip into two days, and made a reservation to stay near Miami at South Bay County Park in Sough Park, FL.  We got there early in the afternoon, and made a ‘day trip’ to the south beach area.  Here are some pictures…. There are a lot of pictures, but there was a lot to see!!


The above pictures were all taken in the same two square block area…… a lot going on!!!


On Monday , we left South Bay, and headed to Sunshine Key RV Park.

More later……..

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