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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #2

We left Betty’s RV Park on Sunday morning, and drove to the Bayou Segnette State Park near New Orleans at about 9:30AM.  This time, we followed Ronnie and Kathy’s rig and here’s our view most of the way……….


It is the same brand and model as mine, but it is a 2016, while mine is a “better” 2008”!!  To jump ahead a little bit, one night in New Orleans, we had eaten a big meal at about 2:30pm, so we just snacked on Monday night and sat in their rig to watch the Alabama vs Clemson playoff game.  Here is a picture of the front (kitchen/living area) of the rig with two large TV’s!


Getting back on track, we arrived at the state park, and got set up in our reserved spaces.  Here is what our sites looked like….


Once we got settled in, Ron called an old friend from his “grocery store business” days, Barry Breaux, who owns several “Breaux Markets” in the New Orleans area.  He picked us up at the state park campground and took us out for a brief tour of New Orleans.  He first stopped at a place where we got a bite to eat, and then drove around.  I did more looking than picture taking, so I only got one of some of us in the restaurant, and a couple of local sites:


The latter shows a part of an old pirate ship that has been recovered nearby.

Like Ronnie, Barry shares a love of older cars.  We stopped by his grocery warehouse where he has a few rooms dedicated to his hobby.  He has so much stuff, I could only photograph a small bit of it……


Here’s a closeup of the engine of the Camaro above…..


A ‘57 Chevy couch!!


Patsy was intrigued by this security guy, who guarded Barry’s office day and night, and did not get a paycheck!!!

Barry also had four motorcycles in the garage, and here they are with him standing nearby……


Tomorrow morning, the four of us plan to find the French Quarter, and walk around it!

More then………

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