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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hot Springs TRVN Rally –--- Sunday–Tuesday

We completed our Rachel sitting on Saturday afternoon, and went back to the Bus to wash off some of the bugs from the front.  Saturday night, we went out with Deanne and Mike…….. and Rachel to eat at Mimi’s Café.  The food was good, and we got to be with Rachel a little more.  During the day, I attempted to take some photos of Patsy and Rachel, but only a few worked out………. she was just too energetic to sit still.


On Sunday morning, we left Little Rock and drove to the Catherine's Landing RV Resort for the TRVN rally.  By Monday evening, there were about 80 Tiffin rigs already here, and the rally starts on Wednesday!  We have had three “pre-rally” evening meals.  On Sunday, it was fajitas with everybody bringing a side dish, and on Monday, it was everybody bring a salad… chicken salad, regular salad, pasta, and a number of others.   Last night, everybody brought their own baked potato, and then a compliment, like cheese, chili, or desert.  All were very good.

Here are a couple pictures from the campground.  You just can’t get all the rigs in one photo………

IMG_0001IMG_0005 On Tuesday morning, Patsy and I decided to do the ‘tourist thing’.  We went to the Hot Springs Visitor Center, picked some maps and brochures, and headed out.  We saw the bathhouse row, the mountain at Hot Springs, and drove on a couple of mountain loops.  Here are some pictures……..


On the mountain drive, we went up into a tower to look over the city……


As we came down from the mountain, we found that there were several places where you could bottle your own ‘hot’ spring water…..


The rally officially starts tonight with a “meet and greet”.  More later……..

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