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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Week in Little Rock

We arrived in Little Rock last Sunday, and plan to head home on Saturday morning.  Deanne and Mike (who took a week of vacation) worked every day at the new house while Patsy and, sometimes, me took care of Rachel at their existing home.

To make use of the available time, I set up some appointments for maintenance items on the Bus.  On Tuesday, I had the transmission fluid and filters changed at a Diesel garage that is certified the the Allison corporation.  They did a good job, were very friendly and easy to work with, and the price was reasonable.  Here are some pictures…..


The latter picture shows the filters and some of the fluid that came out with them.  Another pan of fluid was already dumped.

On Thursday, I had an appointment to have a new set of tires put on the Bus.  It was time after our last couple of tire episodes.  Here is a picture of the Bus in the tire shop while they were working on the front tires……….


We had been watching the action at the Verizon Center here in North Little Rock near our RV park.  Brad Paisley was doing a show on Thursday night.   We had seen 5 nice looking 18wheelers with equipment, and 4 Prevost motorhomes in the prime areas and about 6 other motorhomes for other staff.   On the way back from the tire change out, I snapped a couple of photos……..



Of course, the best pictures were of Rachel…..


A couple of pictures e watching a DVD in the Bus………….

Patsy's Camera 013Patsy's Camera 015Patsy's Camera 026Patsy's Camera 033Patsy's Camera 061Patsy's Camera 070

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