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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Heading to Ft Worth, Texas

We are leaving tonight to drive to Ft. Worth to attend a Tiffin rally at one of Tiffin’s dealers, Vogt RV.   They seem to have an annual fall rally, but this will be our first one.  The rally begins on Thursday and ends on Sunday.  They sent out an agenda and they have a fairly full 2-1/2 day schedule.  The event kicks off with a “Casino Night” on Thursday, and I hope they have a Texas Hold ‘em, so I can try my luck.

I checked the attendance list, and it includes two couples from the Bluebonnet Allegro Club that we joined recently, and a couple that we met at the Hot Springs TRVN rally.  There may be others, but I could only check using ‘email addresses’ on the CC list of the email!!

I also got an email this morning letting me know that our friends, Charlie and Joan Stanger, from the Lone Star Allegro Club will also be attending.  We have not seen them in a while, because they traveled to Alaska and back in their Motorhome this summer.

While we were home, I made repairs to our mud flap on the Bus, which was bent by a self generated “alligator” from the blow-out on the rear tire.  While I had it off, I cleaned the rubber, and polished the stainless steel letters……



I also re-arranged the stuff stored in the ‘basement’ and made room to carry an “un-mounted spare tire”……….. one of the old tires from the Bus.   Now if we need a tire, we will have the right size, and won’t be a “hostage” to the mobile tire service that show up!!


I got the following in an email recently, so I will pass the wish for a Happy Halloween along………..


More later from Ft. Worth.

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