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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rally to Little Rock

I haven’t reported it yet, but about a week before we left, I ‘fell’ down some stairs and “sprained my left foot.  Doc said it may have a small fracture, but the fix is the same………. keep it elevated, rest it, and wear a Post Op shoe.  It is hard to stay off of it if you are traveling and attending a rally, and it did affect my rally plans.  There were about 80+ Tiffin rigs, and they were all members of the TRVN (Tiffin RV owners Network)…… many of whom I wanted to meet.  I attended all of the events at the pavilion, but it just would not let me walk the rather large park and meet people.

The whole week was spent attending events (most of which were meals) or going out to eat.  We did drive around Hot Springs a bit, and did some exploring.

On Friday, we celebrated Patsy’s birthday.  I got up a little early and set up the table for the celebration to surprise her……………

IMG_0827On Friday night, Patsy and I went out to the local “Outback Steakhouse” for dinner.  It was good.

On Saturday, we picked up Mark and Sue Didelot, our traveling buddies, and we went to the annual arts and crafts fair that was happening at the local fairgrounds.  Patsy found a quilted dog and a bird house for the back yard at home.  Here she is with the ‘prizes’………


You can tell from her jacket, that it cooled off here.  It only got into the 50’s on Saturday.

After the fair, Mark and Sue took us out to for lunch to celebrate Patsy’s birthday.  We ended up back at the Outback…….. Mark and I both like it!!

Sunday morning, we fired up the Bus, and headed back to Little Rock and the Downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock………… just across the river.  We will stay here about a week to babysit our third grandchild, Rachel, while her parents work on some things around a house that they are having built.  We got here about 11:00AM, and got set up and programed the TV’s so we could watch Sunday football.  About 1:00, Rachel was dropped off. 

Obviously, I will be posting pictures of her, but it will have to be later.  Right now, she is napping……… and she is even cute doing that, but Patsy has already threatened me if I wake her up.   So no pictures in this post!!

Never mind, I could not resist, but I did not wake her up…………..


It will be a slow week for blogging, but keep checking back.

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