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Friday, March 9, 2012

Finished Up In Red Bay; Now In Little Rock

We just finished the most successful visit to Red Bay that we have had since we became Tiffin owners.  We arrived on a Thursday with an appointment for the following Monday!  We were in a bay on Friday morning, and completely finished with all items (roof rails replaced, new Attwood jack system installed, two fogged windows replaced, slide floor sealed, and a slide chain cover fixed) by Tuesday morning at 11:00am.

We moved to Bruce Deaton’s body shop on Wednesday morning at 6:00am, and they were taking damaged parts off by 6:30am.  By Wednesday evening all damaged body parts were either replaced or repaired and all was primed waiting for paint.  On Thursday morning, the painting was completed, and we were on the road to Little Rock by 12:30pm.

When we left, it was not raining, but two hours later, it was coming down very hard. We also went through a front, and the temperature dropped to the low 40’s.   I did not like the new paint getting wet, but Bruce told me that it was dry and it was not a problem.

We drove until 7:30pm and arrived at the North Little Rock Riverside RV Park with the rain still heavily coming down.  We had a reservation, and we got into our site, and settled in for a warm night’s sleep.

Our visit to Little Rock was to see our daughter, son-in-law, and soon to be one-year old granddaughter, Rachel.  While here, we are baby sitting while they do some work on the new house that they are having built. 

Here are some pictures of Rachel that I took with my cell phone……….

MH Repairs -- March 2012 002MH Repairs -- March 2012 018

Grammie enjoyed her day with Rachel, and visa-versa…

MH Repairs -- March 2012 011 (2)

It was a nice sunny day in Little Rock today, after all the rain yesterday.  I drove Deanne out to the house to meet Mike and took a picture from a long distance on the way out.   It does not have the brick up or the shingles on the roof………

MH Repairs -- March 2012 014

More pictures of Rachel and the house to come.  We will be baby-sitting again tomorrow.

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