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Saturday, May 19, 2012

An update…….. Finally!!


I last published a post when we left Little Rock on the way back from Red Bay.  Our plans were to get home and get a lot of Spring projects out of the way……… cleaning beds and gutters, fertilizing the lawn, ordering our new Honda CRV and selling the old Ford Explorer, among others.  That has all been done, and we even sold the Ford on the first day it was listed in the paper to the first person that called about it!!  That happened about a month ago, and we have been getting used to only having one car every since.  Our new CRV is expected around mid-June.

We also got some medical issues out of the way, including a heart catheter test for me.  All came out fairly good….. not any worse than 6 years ago!   Here is a picture that Mark Didelot took of me in the hospital……


Mark is currently having some issues of his own, and is working with the Methodist hospital in Houston to get a lung transplant.  He recently had to take a lot of tests to make sure that he fit the ‘transplant criteria’……….. and he has!!!  However, he had to have a surgery to get a hiatal hernia repaired, and since turnabout is fair play, here is a photo of him in the ICU recovery room…..


In between hospital visits, Mark & Sue and Patsy & I did go camping together for an outing of the Lone Star Allegro Club that we belong at the Serendipity RV Park & Marina in Palacios, Texas.  It was a nice park, and we had a nice time.  Here are some pictures showing the Tiffin coaches lined up along the waterfront…………….



In the picture above, Mark’s coach is behind the white pole, and we are to the left of him with our sign in the front window.  Here is a picture from inside the coach……..


We went driving around and took some pictures.  I found the shrimp boats that catch the seafood for the local HEB food stores that we see advertised on TV…..


We also made the 30 minute drive over to Matagorda beach, and we drove out on the beach…… after paying for a beach pass.  I got stuck in the soft sand, and Mark has pictures of that on his blog if you want to see them. 

Other than the fact that I am stripping my garage and re-painting it to get ready for the new CRV in June, that is about a complete update. 

We are currently in Fredericksburg, TX at a KOA campground meeting with a different group of Tiffin owners who are forming a new Allegro club chapter.   That will be the next update.

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