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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday and The Rattlesnake Saloon

After a stormy couple of days, complete with tornado threats, and hitting in areas both south and north of us, we woke up on Saturday morning with blue skies and plenty of sunshine.

We took the opportunity to clean of the bugs that accumulated on the front of the Bus and the windshield. It was a little cool, but not too bad.

After that, we made a run to the Piggly Wiggly for a few groceries.

Our Tiffin friends, Steve and Sandy Allgire are here, and we had made a date with them to go to the Rattlesnake Saloon for lunch and to see what it is like. We kind of wanted to compare it to the Desert Bar that we visited on our stay in Quartzsite in January.

If was a neat place to have lunch when you are bored at Red Bay, but it did not compare well to the Desert Bar. The hamburgers were good, and we had a good time. Some friends of the Allgires, the Nelson’s from Washington state went with us. Like others from Washington, they tried to get me to pronounce it without the “R” in it!! I explained that I warshed my car..... I did not waaash it!!

Here are some pictures:

It was a nice drive of about 20 miles to the site, and we followed Steve in his “new to him” Tahoe with dual glasspacs, which he “gunned” and drove like a 15 year old kid. I suspect he did not have them on his first car as a teenager…..


Upon arrival we were ushered into the back of a pickup truck for the ride down the hill to the restaurant area…..


The ride was a little exciting and we had to hold on…..


We looked around for a while and then went inside to eat. With the recent bad weather, they were not very busy……


There were some interesting items in the restaurant:

A rattlesnake attacking a rabbit……


A flower arrangement using a pair of boots as a vase…..


A statement on gun control……….


As usual, there is always great ‘guy’ philosophy in the men’s room….


As we were leaving, Steve noticed that the four ceiling fans were belt driven from a single pair of motors at one end of the building…


Back outside, we took more pictures….


Steve wanted to get some plant close-ups, but ended up stumbling a bit……… and Patsy caught it with the camera…..


We saw the ‘limo’ coming back, so we snapped picture of a cow with long horns and climbed back on the truck…..


As we got back to the parking lot, we came across some folks that were horseback riding, and they talked ‘Cowboy Steve’ into taking a ride….


We traveled back to the Tiffin Service Center and had a quiet evening.

Don’t have any plans for Sunday……… we will have to see what happens!!

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Dave and Sandy said...

eclndsiHi Richard and Patsy,
Interesting place you went for lunch. That looks like my kind of road. Say hi to Steve and Sandy for us.
Dave and Sandy