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Friday, March 2, 2012

We’re at the Red Bay Service Campground

After driving almost 800 miles in the last two days, we arrived in Red Bay, AL at about 4:00pm yesterday.  We were lucky, and they had about 15 available sites with full hookup.   Since we are here partly because our levelers don’t work, I asked for a level site, and got a really level one.  It is also up front, and the WIFI pickup is strong.

The trip was not totally uneventful.  As it approached noon yesterday, we started to look for a place to pull over, and spotted a Wal-Mart fuel sign on the highway.  The diesel was $3.80/gal with our Wal-Mart Discover card discount, so I first pulled in to top off the tank.  It seems that as we go further north, so does the cost of fuel!!

After fueling, I got in to move to a parking spot and the tire monitor alarm was going off showing a slow leak in the DS rear tire on the CRV.  While Patsy heated up lunch, I made a small bucket of soap water and went back to look at the tire.  After soaking it down, I found bubbles and found a small nail in the tire.

I got lucky………… I had parked in an isolated spot between the fuel station and the automotive shop.  I walked over, and they refused to take the tire off in the parking lot, and asked me to unhook car and drive it over.  It was easier for me to take the tire off, and roll it to the shop.  So that is what I did.  An hour later, we had lunch and the tire was back on the car!!

Here are some pictures showing how convenient it was:

The fuel station on one side……


…and the repair center on the other!


When we got here yesterday, right after registration, I took my list of repairs to the office.  This morning, Norris, the service writer already showed up to discuss what I needed to get done.  I expect to be in a bay early Monday morning…… at least I hope. 

Also, Bruce Deaton, from the independent body shop has already come by to look at the damage on the PS and he will fix that next week when we are finished at the Tiffin Service Center.   So far, things look good for an efficient visit…. but it is, after all, Red Bay!!!    We will see.

This afternoon, if the weather holds out, I will run the Bus over to Brannon at Custom RV to get a problem with the PS slide looked at.   Then, we will get ready for a ‘slow’ but relaxing weekend in Red Bay!!

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E Squared and Mui said...

Since we're short one leveler leg and can't use the system, we'll have to remember to ask for a level site when we get to Red Bay next year.